The cost of a chameleon as a pet

The cost of a chameleon is an important factor in deciding to get one. Not just the monetary cost of a chameleon from the pet store or breeder, but also the cost for feeding and housing it, and the investment […read more…]

Where to buy a chameleon

There are different options where to buy a chameleon as a pet. You can purchase a chameleon at one of the following places: From a pet shop On a reptile fair Directly from a breeder From a private person You […read more…]

Wild-caught vs captive bred

There was a time all exotic animal pets were taken from the wild to be kept as pets. There were just no captive bred animals to buy, as people lacked the knowledge to breed them and where missing the animals […read more…]

Chameleons and the CITES law

A veiled chameleon is a protected species: it is illegal to take it from the wild. They are allowed to be kept, bred and sold. To own or keep one you need a permit or CITES papers. Many other species of […read more…]

Chameleons for sale

You can find chameleons for sale at reptile fairs, pet shops and through private ads like Craigslist. We do not sell any chameleons We at do not sell any chameleons. Please don’t ask us for chameleons or for the […read more…]