Housing dangers for chameleons

The place where you keep your chameleon could harm it. There are some dangers in enclosures, terrariums and net cages for your chameleon that you can better avoid. Pay attention to these things:

Danger of getting burns

Can your chameleon touch its heating lamp or UV lamp? A chameleon will already have touched a hot lamp before it knows what it is doing. The heat can scorch its skin in seconds, leaving burn marks. A chameleon can stretch itself pretty far so make absolutely sure it cannot reach the hot lamp in its terrarium. You could hang it out of reach or just cover it with a protective cap from wire or mesh.

Danger of drowning

A chameleon is pretty stupid when it comes to water. It can drown easily, even in a shallow dish of water. Make sure there is not enough water in its enclosure to drown in.


Danger of getting hurt on sharp edges

Does the enclosure have any sharp edges, ends of nails, ends of screws or pointy pieces of mesh anywhere? A chameleon can wound itself easily on these things.

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Danger of getting stuck

Chameleons are not the most smart of insigtful animals when it comes to moving around. They are know for getting stuck in weird places. Make sure the enclosure is without any tight spaces where it can get stuck. There have been cases where a chameleon got stuck between a potted plant and the dish it was standing in. Better check your terrarium with an extra critical eye.

Danger of falling

When there are any loose branches, plants or background decoration, your chameleon could climb on it and fall. It could break bones when falling or land on something hard or pointy. Make sure the plants and branches cannot break off or fall over completely.

Make sure the plants are in a heavy enough pot to not fall over. Ideally you set the branches up in a way that makes it impossible to fall. Attach branches and fake plants with a short piece of rope to make sure it does not fall.  Better be sure to have the terrarium 100% chameleon-proof!

Danger of escaping

Just when you made the enclosure 100% chameleon-proof and completely safe, the chameleon escapes. This exposes it to many new dangers. Always make sure it is impossible for the chameleon to escape its safe terrarium / enclosure. When your chameleon escapes it can be hard to find back, it will also be exposed to heat and cold, to other pets, to wild animals, to eating something poisonous, to falling, getting stuck, touch something hot or get smashed between doors, windows, machines and much more. Walking around unsupervised is the number one accidental death for chameleons.

Healthy female yemen chameleon
Healthy female yemen chameleon walking on jeans.