One person cannot know everything about chameleons. Maybe I forgot something, or you know something specific about a species of chameleon. Let me know! I greatly appreciate it. I will add your information to the website.

Do you have questions about your chameleon?

Send me a message. I hope to be able to answer it for you! Please let me know what species you have and if possible, send me a picture.

baby-chameleon-veiledDo you want to share your story or your pictures?

I’d love to post them on the website. Especially pictures of chameleon species that are not veiled chameleons. As I have a lot of pictures of my own veiled chameleon, but not that many with other species on them.


Did I make a mistake?

English is not my first language, so I could have made mistakes. Let me know! I want to get better and make the website better. Did I make a mistake about chameleons? Let me know also! I love to learn and improve.

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